Wide Network all over the world and High Quality


We have strong network over 180 branches to help customers who move among Japan.
63 branches are available in Tokyo area, and34 branches are available in Osaka area to solve demand of customers in the big population.

a truck

Our company 'Sakai Moving Service Co.,Ltd. established in Sakai, Osaka, Japan, and we are increasing numbers of our branches all over Japan which are located all provinces in Japan nowadays.
All branches have obtained ISO9001 and we can provide our professional service with sincerity to customers all over Japan.
We have been scheming to provide service with sincerity which can be provided only Sakai Moving Service Co.,Ltd.
We are really glad to help customers by our service with sincerity all over the world hereafter.

Message of President and Representative Director

“Warmth” is Our Main Quality.

Our Company was established in 1971 with the motto “Business Relations from the Heat”.
We have been dedicated to the moving business for 40 over years. As an industry leader,
our moving business now goes beyond simply transport know-how.
We have actively worked to develop various professional capabilities, including deployment of fully enhanced vehicles, as well as through staff training and streamline management,
in order to cultivate our unique know-how.
We are confident that by continuing to accumulate further achievements, we will be able to realize "Business Relations from the Herat" as a leading company in the industry.

President and Representative Director Tetsuyasu Tajima


Moving industry No.1 for
4 consecutive years!

We are the best moving company in Japan because the number of moving service we have performed is the top quality in Japan and also our sales as well for four years.
We really appreciate to all who have supported us.
We must have responsibility to lead the moving industry as the top company in Japan, therefor we are really happy for your all helps and supports.



We can help you any kinds of moving by using our original transportation network.
We have 2,457 trucks and various kinds of trucks including mini-trucks、1.5 tons trucks, 2 tons trucks, 4 tons trucks, 10 tons trucks, ladder trucks, gondola open trucks, and the like.
Our professional coordinator can advise you what kind of trucks you need for your move.


We have a special quality curriculum named 'Meister system' for the physical workers.
Our Meister system makes well trained professional employees.
Employees have to go through this training which they learn all skills of moving, attitude, and the company information.
They learn eagerly to aim Meister.